Wisconsin Mechanical can assist you with all your water treatment needs.  High and low pressure steam boilers, hot water boilers, chilled water systems or cooling towers are no match for a Wisconsin Mechanical water treatment program.  Wisconsin Mechanical can supply you with water treatment chemicals, pot feeders, complete test kits or reagents for test kits, laboratory analysis of your systems, metering pumps and electronic controls. 


Wisconsin Mechanical water treatment programs start with a comprehensive survey of your equipment, systems and existing water treatment program.  A laboratory analysis of your water is performed and recommendations are made.  With steam boilers and cooling towers Wisconsin Mechanical will visit the site monthly to test and sample the systems.  With every visit a technician will take a sample for laboratory analysis and you will receive a report with the results directly from the lab performing the analysis.  By using a lab to check our testing your treatment is scrutinized by an impartial judge of the quality of the treatment program.  If you are in need of additional services Wisconsin Mechanical would be pleased to modify our program to suit your needs. 


There is no risk or obligation on your part to have a Wisconsin Mechanical water treatment technician survey your system.   Call today or go to the “about you” page and fill out the survey and a Wisconsin Mechanical technician will contact you to set up an appointment.





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