What hours are your office and warehouse open?
Usually there is someone available for warehouse service from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday-Friday.


How can I get directions to your business?
You can click here for our location via MapQuest.  Enter your address on Mapquest's page for directions.


What kind of projects and work do you do?
Wisconsin Mechanical is capable a full range of services to meet your needs.  Please link to our Services page and to our Parts & Products page to see some examples.


Can you help us prepare for our state inspection?
Yes, we can.  You can link to our Parts & Products page for a description of how we can assist you in preparing for an inspection.


How long has Wisconsin Mechanical been around?
Wisconsin Mechanical Co. was founded in January of 1963.  Please link to our Company history page for more details.


Rebuilt combustion controls are much less expensive than new controls why should I buy new?
Wisconsin Mechanical Company does not deal in rebuilt combustion controls.  Wisconsin Mechanical does not carry insurance to cover rebuilding or repairing of individual combustion control components.  Wisconsin Mechanical is not authorized to work on equipment utilizing rebuilt combustion controls.  The major manufactures of combustion controls that Wisconsin Mechanical is familiar with has not authorized any other company to rebuild or repair combustion controls for them. None of the companies selling these rebuilt combustion controls have approval from the manufacture, Underwriters Laboratories or any other nationally recognized testing agency.  Use of these controls will cause loss of all benefits provided with a UL approval.  Use of controls repaired or rebuilt by anyone other than the original manufacture is a violation of ASME, CSD-1 and NFPA codes.
Should you choose to utilize rebuilt combustion controls your insurance coverage should be reviewed for adequate coverage because you or your company will assume all liabilities associated with the use of rebuilt controls.


How do I know if I have a rebuilt combustion control?
Every combustion control has the name of the manufacture and a testing agency approval label (i.e. UL) attached to it when it leaves the factory. During the rebuilding process these labels are removed due to the fact that the original manufacture no longer warrants its operation and the control is no longer approved by the testing agency.  Therefore any combustion control without the Manufactures’ name and/or a UL label has most likely been rebuilt without proper approval.

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