Introducing PAN-GEL™ geltabs

For Condensate Drain Pans

Controls Odor & Overflows

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Welcome to Wisconsin Mechanical Company

At Wisconsin Mechanical Company we strive to serve our customers with the quickest response to their needs in the most economical method possible.

We represent some of the highest quality heating, cooling, and process equipment manufacturers in the world and will give you the highest quality equipment available within your budget.  We carry a wide variety of boilers, burners, pumps, gas & oil handling equipment, and water treatment equipment.  We will pool our knowledge to help you design a system, select your equipment and oversee the delivery and installation of your equipment and systems.

Whether you are looking to design a system for a new building, remodel an old building, or design an entirely new process, Wisconsin Mechanical Company can assist you with equipment selection, system design, and installation oversight. We are also prepared to service your equipment; repair your boiler, burner, and supporting equipment accessories; or refurbish your cooling tower. Wisconsin Mechanical Company also maintains a large stock of boiler, burner, and pump parts to keep your equipment running.

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